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Doggy Daycare Cameras

To view the daycare live cameras, click on a camera, below, and enter the password you were provided.

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Doggy Daycare Rates

For group daycare consideration, we require all dogs to undergo temperament testing.

$30 All Day Daycare includes group play from 9am-12pm and 2-5pm
$21 1/2 Day Daycare includes group play either 9am-12pm 0r 2-5pm

Multi-Day PASSES

5 Day Pass
5 -Full days of Daycare -$135
5 -1/2 days of Daycare -$95

10 Day Pass
10 -Full days of daycare -$265
10 -1/2 days of Daycare -$175

Doggy Daycare Registration Form



Daycare closed
Boarders pickup 5-6pm only

AM Drop off
7am – 9am

1/2 Day Pickup/Dropoff
12 – 1pm

Evening Pickup
5pm -6:30pm

Saturday 1/2 day only
Drop off
8am – 9am

By 1pm

Temperament Testing

We conduct temperament testing for several important reasons:

Safety: Temperament testing helps ensure the safety of all dogs and staff members at the daycare facility. Dogs with aggressive or unpredictable behavior can pose a risk to themselves and others. By assessing a dog’s temperament, daycare providers can determine if a dog is well-suited for the daycare environment and whether they can interact safely with other dogs and humans.

Group dynamics: Doggy daycares often have multiple dogs interacting and playing together in a communal setting. It’s crucial to assess a dog’s temperament to ensure they can socialize appropriately with other dogs. Compatibility is essential to maintain a harmonious and stress-free environment for all the dogs involved.

Individual needs: Each dog has unique personality traits, energy levels, and preferences. Temperament testing helps daycare providers understand each dog’s individual needs and tailor their care accordingly. For example, a dog that is anxious or timid may require extra attention and reassurance, while a highly energetic dog may need more exercise and stimulation.

Customized care: By evaluating a dog’s temperament, the daycare can offer personalized care and activities that align with their specific needs. For instance, a confident and outgoing dog may enjoy group play sessions, while a more reserved dog may prefer one-on-one interactions with staff members.

Stress management: Dogs can experience stress and anxiety when placed in unfamiliar environments or situations. By assessing a dog’s temperament, daycare providers can identify potential triggers and implement strategies to minimize stress levels. This may include providing quiet spaces for dogs that prefer solitude or employing techniques to help anxious dogs feel more comfortable.

Overall, temperament testing conducted by doggy daycares helps ensure the well-being, safety, and happiness of the dogs in their care. It allows daycare providers to create an environment that promotes positive social interactions, tailored activities, and individualized attention, leading to a rewarding experience for both the dogs and their owners

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